Mr Alboh


Künstler des Monats Januar 2015            Website   Facebook   Soundcloud    Youtube

Wir haben Mr Alboh in München live erlebt und waren total begeistert, von der Atmosphäre, die er mit seinen Songs erschafft. Seine Stimme hat einen ganz eigenen Sound und man kann kaum weghören, wenn er auf der Bühne seine Geschichten erzählt. Mr Alboh ist ein „Vollblutmusiker“, bereist mit seiner Gitarre alle Städte die sich bereisen lassen und sorgt für wunderbare Stimmung in den Straßen.


Years ago he quitted his job in a bank to become busker and pursue his music career.
Following this way of life he lived and played all around Europe: France, Italy, Germany…playing countless days of busking, venues and festivals, gaining more and more attention.
Inspired by this experience he released his debut album, called “Handmade”, a blend of freak-folk and blues, which sold over thousands of copies and got positive reviews.

“A unique, deep voice, encompassing the entire body and soul” by Ceesoul

“Rivers and perfumed heathland awakened his folk-soul spirit” by CTRL magazine

Nowadays he has produced his second album “Before The Moon Touches The Ground”, home recorded with a symphony of small instruments and acoustic guitars. This album is the message that he brings around the world busking: “our time is limited, we got to be courageous and pursue our passions”. 13 indie-folk songs full of hope.